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Transfer & Rehabilitation of Four DC Government-Owned Houses
The L'Enfant Trust

The L'Enfant Trust dedicated the restored home on Valley Place SE to Miss Marcia Parkes, HAPS Co-President, in honor of

her commitment and dedication to the preservation of Historic Anacostia.

Images courtesy of HAPS, John Muller, and The L'Enfant Trust

Alongside residents of our Historic Anacostia community, HAPS actively campaigned for the transfer of four abandoned, blighted, historic homes from the DC Government to The L'Enfant Trust.

The blighted homes were owned by DC Housing and Community Development and abandoned for years, posing dangers to our Anacostia neighbors. The L'Enfant Trust hoped to do the rehabilitation of the homes at zero cost to the DC taxpayer, and sell them to members of the workforce.

With support from DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, Councilmember Anita Bonds, our Historic Anacostia community, and residents across DC, the legislation pushed through!

All four houses are now part of the Trust's Historic Properties Redevelopment Program, DC's first non-profit real estate developer. Through the Program, the homes will be rehabilitated in line with historic preservation standard, then sold the which will be sold as workforce housing.

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