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2100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE / 1200 V Street SE

Images courtesy of Dante Partners and HAPS

HAPS not only provides comments on existing historic structures, but we also work to help develop potential infill projects that are compatible with and reflect the characteristics of the Anacostia Historic District, such as on 2100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE / 1200 V Street SE.

The initially proposed structure was significantly large. The first rendering was an imposing structure that did not fit into the fabric of the historic district, in particular, since V Street is largely residential. HAPS worked with the developer on the redesign to help come up with a structure that better suited the neighborhood and the existing historic homes.

With input from HAPS, the end design is a building that does not overwhelm or diminish, but rather enhances the surrounding historic homes. Although it has since been cancelled, this project was intended to create affordable housing for seniors to age in place, right in the middle of the Historic Anacostia District.

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