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"The Big K" / Maple View Flats Project

(2228 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE)

Images courtesy of PGN Architects and HAPS

Our hope for the Big K Project was that it would allow for affordability and historic preservation. HAPS fought to keep the three historic homes on the "Big K" lot, encouraging rehabilitation and repurposing rather than relocation. However, the relocation of the historic homes was approved to make way for a five-storey, multi-use building on the lot, located on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE corridor.

The initial proposal was for Cedar Hill Flats. The structure would have used various materials that were not compatible with the existing buildings in the neighborhood, and the building itself was too large in relation to the surrounding historic structures. HAPS provided significant input on the height, massing, and materials for Cedar Hill Flats.


The structure saw a redesign and the name was later changed to Maple View Flats. The new design, particularly the building's size and massing, shifted to better fit the neighborhood, owing to HAPS' input. HAPS fought for better-quality materials, although we remain concerned about the quality of some of the final materials used. HAPS was present through every stage of this project to help ensure that the guidance set forth by the Historic Preservation Office and the Historic Preservation Review Board were followed.

The Maple View Flats project was approved by the Mayor's Agent on the grounds of providing the Anacostia community with  affordable housing and much-needed amenities, including Class A retail. HAPS continues to engage with the DC government to ensure these promises are fulfilled.

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