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Various Projects

HAPS provides comments on a variety of projects within the Anacostia Historic District to help ensure that any rehabilitation or new construction align well with the tenets of historic preservation and take into account the special character of Historic Anacostia.

Here is one example of a project for which HAPS provided valuable input.

Valley Place - HAPS Input District Prope

These houses were constructed not too long ago, both by the same developer. 


The beige home on the right was constructed first – a standard, pre-fabricated structure that did not fit in with the historic homes along the street.


The second house, the blue one on the left, was constructed with HAPS’ input taken into account, such as the pitched roof, the massing, and window size, inter alia.

The newer home, constructed by the same developer and with HAPS’ input, fits in much better with the existing 120+ year-old Victorian homes, and continues to contribute to the neighborhood’s unique character.

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