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DC Prep Anacostia Campus

(1409 V Street SE)

Images courtesy of HAPS, John Muller, and the Library of Congress

1409 V Street SE was built as St. Theresa’s School, a Catholic school run by the St. Theresa of Avila Parish; another historic institution in Anacostia. It later became Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, and the building was last used as an educational establishment in 2007. It sat abandoned for a decade and was under consideration to be redone as condominiums, but HAPS advocated its continued use as a school; a positive contributor to the community. 

HAPS commented and provided input on the  materials, design, and landscaping, while ensuring that the new, connected structures were compatible with and did not take away from the character of the original building.

HAPS also worked to ensure that the sidewalks would be restored using brick and sand.

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